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44-feet-yacht Lennuk - built by Finnish and Saaremaa's boatmakers.

Six members of Lennuk's crew.


The history of Estonian navigation is centuries long. Estonian Vikings reached the Swedish coasts already in the 11th century. Unfortunately there is one important chapter missing in our navigation history - no boat has sailed around the world under the Estonian flag.

This project presents a round-the-world sailing plan worked out by the Offshore Cruising Society “Thetis”. The patron of the trip is Mr Lennart Meri, President of the Republic of Estonia.

On the one hand the undertaking would help to revive the maritime traditions that were stultified in Estonia during 50 years of Soviet occupation. On the other hand there’s a background idea to make the voyage observable in real time. Modern means of communication and Internet could make it accessible for anyone interested, first and foremost for students. This would widen their worldview and encourage them to realize their own ideas.

The planned voyage should be carried out on a 44-foot-long GRP-balsasandwich yacht built in Finland and Estonia. 35,000 miles are to be covered and 37 ports of call in 25 countries are to be visited during the voyage. Meetings and press conferences introducing Estonia will be organized at most of the ports.

The crew is supposed to consist of seven members all of whom have excellent or at least good skills of sailing. In addition the members of the crew must be prepared to accomplish the different tasks that may occur when sailing and at ports of call.

The construction of the yacht began at Finngulf Yachts OY summer in 1998 and the work was finished in Saaremaa, Estonia (Saare Paat Ltd) in May 1999. The voyage is to start in October 16, 1999. The yacht and the crew should return to its home port in March 2001.

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